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We specialize in assisting enthusiastic investors interested in shophouses, streamlining the process for both buyers and sellers. Utilizing cutting-edge marketing tools such as social media, digital advertising, video marketing, and 3D virtual imaging, we enhance the visibility of sellers' shophouse properties, facilitating transactions at their desired prices.

Our leadership team comprises two proactive individuals with a performance-driven mindset and innate creative abilities.

In contrast to many industry participants handling various property types, Propnex Shophouse Elites exclusively focuses on shophouses. When you engage with us, you collaborate with dedicated agents who have devoted time and effort to researching, comprehending, compiling, and monitoring the shophouse property market in Singapore.

Our Vision

Our vision is to set and define new service standards in the industry. We strive to achieve this by providing a modern, all-encompassing platform that serves as a one-stop destination for shophouse investors to conduct market research. Simultaneously, it offers shophouse owners the opportunity to list their units in a more carefully curated and polished manner.

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